Hangzhou/China: talk at China University of Art.

Hangzhou/China: My workshop class with their results.

Hangzhou/China: Little Swiss in front of giant Chinese flag.

Ningbo/China: talk at China University/China Art Institute.

Dalian/China: poster exhibition at ACX Art Center Xinghai.

Dalian/China: my talk at 869 school of design.

Dalian/China: talk, workshop and live taping.

Dalian/China: my workshop class with their realized posters.

Tbilisi/Georgia: Sketching in the Kaukasus.

Tbilisi/Georgia: Lecture.

Ems and Niklaus on Acropolis/Athens.

Willisau: our house.

Willisau: my studio.

Lucerne, University for Music : opening of Club KNOX - named after my nickname. 

Ems and Niklaus with friend Werner Meier and his wife at Werner's exhibition in Willisau.

Speyer/Germany: NT at Winkeldruckerej presenting his letter press work.

Speyer/Germany: NT at Winkeldruckerej.

Vijiawada/India: NT with his workshop group.

Vijiawada/India: Niklaus in front of the University where he reached workshop and had a talk.

Vijiawada/India: NT with his Indian designer friends. On the right Gunjan Ahlawat.

Delhi/India: workshop with students.

Mumbai/India: Niklaus Troxler at Mumbai Design Institute for a talk.

NT with daughter Annik in Moscow for "Typomania Festival".

Xi'An/China: opening of Niklaus Troxler exhibition at Museum of Modern Art.

Persepolis/Iran: NT with Iranian designer friend Negar.

Shiraz/Iran: NT with Iranian designer friends.

New York, Museum of Modern Art: exhibition with two Niklaus Troxler posters.

Beijing/China: NT visiting Ai Wei Wei.

Stuttgart, Wilhelms Palais: Good bye event for Niklaus Troxler at State Academy for Art and Design. Niklaus with former students. Photo by Martin Lutz.

New York, Type Directors Club: received the "Best in Show Award".

Tehran/Iran: workshop by Niklaus Troxler for Iranian designers and students.

Good bye ceremony for Niklaus and Ems Troxler on their last organized Jazz Festival Willisau. Photo Tom Stocker.

Havanna/Cuba. Opening of my exhibition with Rico Lins, Ahn Sang So, Marta and Yung.

Chaumont/France: Graphic design festival with Artur Rebels, Liza Defossez Ramalho and ?.

Niklaus with friend Götz Gramlich at the soccer game Switzerland-France at the Football world championship in Stuttgart.

Niklaus and Ems Troxler with Elvin Jones at Jazz Festival Willisau. Photo by Marcel Meier.

Max Roach and Niklaus Troxler.

NT presenting his designed ties. Photo Emanuel Ammon.

Paula, Niklaus, Ems and Annik Troxler presenting T-Shirts on a line. photo by Emanuel Ammon.

Niklaus and Ems Troxler with Urs Blöchlinger, Jürg Solothurnmann and others on side stage at Jazz Festival Willisau. Photo by Emanuel Ammon.

NT with Horace Silver at Jazz Festival Willisau.